16 Subject Verb Agreement Rules With Examples

14. Indeterminate pronouns generally accept singular verbs (with a few exceptions). Now the same rule applies to gerunds and gerund phrases. If gerunds are the subject, they take the singular form of the verb. 11. The singular form of the verb is usually reserved for units of measure or units of tense. Note: If these words are preceded by a couple`s sentence, they are considered singular subjects. It was exhausting, wasn`t it? Maybe you have to walk around now to make you sink or watch. I`m sure some of these lessons have been a good revision for you, but you may also have learned a few new things about the subject-verb agreement. I hope! In this sentence, the two singular subjects are treated as a singular subject, because „or” gives us an option. We do not say both. It is one or the other singular noun. Not both of them.


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