Agreement Ending War

Doha, Qatar (F) — After months of negotiations in Qatar`s capital, U.S. and Taliban officials have signed an agreement to end the longest U.S. war in Afghanistan since 2001. As part of the deal, the militants also agreed not to allow al-Qaeda or any other extremist group to operate in areas they control. After winning the 1968 presidential election, Richard Nixon became President of the United States in January 1969. He then replaced U.S. Ambassador Harriman with Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., who was later replaced by David Bruce. This year again, the NLF set up a Provisional Revolutionary Government (PRG) to obtain government status during the talks. However, the main negotiations that resulted in the agreement did not take place at all at the peace conference, but took place during secret negotiations between Kissinger and Lê Đức Thọ, which began on August 4, 1969. Initially, Fianna Fail`s Bertie Ahearn`s inquiry in 1997 seemed to predict a return to more favourable support for the more maximalist demands of Sinn Fein and the SDLP, although Ahearn took steps to reassure trade unionists.54 This more traditional approach to Fianna Fail was reflected in the draft agreement presented by Blair and Ahearn at the peace conference during the decisive final days of the negotiations. which was strongly oriented towards the nationalists` insistence on strong and quasi-independent North-South institutions. The presentation of this project almost caused the discussions to fail. However, in the face of the union revolt, Ahearn agreed, against the advice of his advisers, to radically dilute these provisions in order to reach a union agreement – a decision that led some to nominate Ahearn as another candidate for the `indispensable actor` award 55 „We are determined to implement this agreement,” Baradar said in brief comments.

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