Agreement French Term

Verb agreement can be broken down into five categories. Learn more about agreement with being verbs and the passive voice. Note that in the first sentence, the subjects of the second and third verbs are not expressed to avoid the repetition, but the agreement happens the same nonetheless. Cadastre – local town planning register recording details of land-holdings blue card – debit card professional card – granted by the Prefecture to estate agents to carry out business kreditkarte – credit card card identity identity identity withdrawal – cash card card of foreign trader – foreign resident business permit residence card – government permit to reside in France (also called stay) bond – security deposit/guarantee tax centre – tax office planning certificate – zoning certificate (equivalent to a local authority search) transfer – transfer of ownership or rights cheque – cheque checkbook – cheque book charges – maintenance charges on a property (e.g. water, electricity) special clause – special condition criminal – penalty clause governing performance of an agreement clause suspensive – a conditional clause in a contract that must be put in order for the sale to reach completion code of labour – French employment law commission included (C/C) – agency commission included commission not verstanden – agency commission not included labour code – French employment law community – joint estate of a husband and wife compromise of sale – contract for sale and purchase of land accountant – accountant cash – cash purchase term account – deposit account current account – current account account joint – joint account account receiver – deposit in a special escrow account pending fulfillment of certain conditions – special conditions suspended – terms conditional stated in the pre-sale agreement (e.g. the acquiring of a loan, the gaining of a positive zoning certificate) tax advisor – tax advisor legal – professional legal advisor conservation of mortgages – mortgage/land registry statement of bailiff – factual statement prepared by a bailiff which is irrefutable in court constructible – land that is designated for building local scheme planning contract term (unai CDI) – employment contract of unspecified duration term contract for duration (CDD) – employment contract of a specified duration reservation vertrag – the purchase contract used for purchase „on plan” (sometimes called preliminary contract) Vorvertrag – preliminarycontracttract – agreement collective agreement – sector specific collective agreement on employment relationships loan contract – mortgage contract co-ownership – co-ownership And voila, we reached the end of our lessons about verb agreement in German.

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