Aircraft Broker Commission Agreement

No matter what they sell – used cars, titles, planes – brokers don`t always enjoy the best reputation of the public. However, in my experience, most aircraft brokers try to represent the well-being of their clients. Of course, that doesn`t mean they`re as good at their job. Here are some things to consider when hiring a broker to sell your business jet. The IADA site would be very simple your search, if not for the fact that the vast majority of aircraft brokers (including much more well-known) are not members of this organization. Many more are available on the website of the National Business Aviation Association, which has more than 500 companies active in aircraft sales. To whistle this list on a reasonable number of candidates, you need to consult people you know and trust. Companies that regularly deal with brokers, such as the . B, aircraft consultants and aviation lawyers are often good sources of remittances. A – Complete USA Area Certified Brokers online or contact Keith at (504) 723-5566 or

Q – What is the most important thing I can do to succeed in creating my aviation mediation? A – Make several calls to aircraft owners each day to list, sell or manage their aircraft. Contact FBo`s every day to be your agents. You can find this information in your operating manual for aircraft brokers, Inc. in the United States. Q – Is it advantageous to use your own aircraft in your brokerage firm to meet clients? A – Of course, it makes sense to try to list and sell more expensive planes. The installation and sale of these aircraft often takes no longer than cheaper aircraft. However, profits can be made to sell virtually any type of aircraft, so no possibility should be ignored. Q – What`s better about being an aircraft broker? Q – Are U.S. Aircraft Area Brokers limited to the intermediation of the only aircraft that are on the multi-aircraft list system and in their inventory? Of course, brokers rarely have aircraft deals with successive serial numbers.

Although the serial numbers are close to each other, the two aircraft could be very different due to factors such as aircraft duration, equipment and damage history. But it can still benefit from the selection of a broker, even if it has other offers for your model and the concerns seem valid. As has already been proposed, several offers can be evidence of the depth of the broker`s experience with your type of aircraft. That`s right, someone can call on your plane and in the end buy another listed by the broker. But the opposite is also possible; Buyers who call the broker via another plane may end up buying. Q – How does the aircraft brokerage market evolve in today`s economy based on what you consider to be a „normal” sales volume? 8.

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