Contractor Subcontractor Agreements

According to the established payment plan, the subcontractor is fully paid after the completion of the work, after the authorization of the independent contractor and the customer (within the framework of industry standards). Subsequently, the work of the subcontractor is completed and the contract is no longer valid, unless guarantees are given. In this article, we call the owner of the online store the „contractor” or simply „you”. The „client” is the person who hired you for the project, and the designer and programmer are „subcontractors”. A subcontracting agreement should always define the scope of the work. The volume of work is what a subcontractor is hired to do. A wide range of work is difficult to navigate and can be difficult for subcontractors to do. Since the work is not well defined, it is easier to say that the subcontractor did not do the right job for the project. Responsibilities of the subcontractor. They must put in each box a marking corresponding to a declaration that appropriately defines what the subcontractor must do to be paid by the contractor. .

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