Nscn Ceasefire Agreement

Meanwhile, the National Socialist Council of Nagaland/K-Khango has also reached a new ceasefire agreement with the EU government starting on Monday for a one-year period, he said. It was decided to extend the suspension of the enterprise agreement with NSCN/NK and NSCN/R for a further one year, with effect on 28 April this year until 27 April 2020, the Interior Ministry said. The group, which has been above ground since 1997 on the basis of a ceasefire agreement with the central government of Nagaland, said: „Ironically, after five years of putting in fresh camps, something unthinkable that comes from the Raj Bhawan in Kohima has returned to the scene.” When the NSCN (IM) questioned the arrests with the Indian security forces on the basis of the ceasefire agreement – it signed a ceasefire agreement with the Centre in 1997 – the Manipur government immediately rejected Naga`s assertion. The ceasefire did not extend to Manipur. At the same time, Mr. Chauhan, when he contacted him, confirmed that the ceasefire extension agreement had been reached with the three groups for a period of six months. He said that because of the „unprecedented situation” of the COVID 19 global pandemic, the agreement to be signed annually in New Delhi in April was signed between the parties here in Kohima. While Th Muivah signed on the dotted line as secretary general of the NSCN (I-M), the government of the Indian interlocutor, who had opted for a Naga peace agreement, was then chairman of the joint intelligence committee R.N. Ravi. Ravi became governor of the state. In 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s government signed a „framework agreement” with the NSCN (IM). As part of the agreement, the group abandoned its request for a split, which lasted nearly six decades, and agreed to a settlement under the Indian Constitution. According to almost every report, the two parties are closer to a solution than ever before.

The outfit says it has retained the essence of this agreement in letter and spirit, wherever the Naga army operates. The Centre extended by one year the ceasefire agreement with two Nagaland insurgent groups from 28 April. Mr Chauhan added that the agreement was signed separately with all groups and that the social separation protocol was maintained during the process. The NSCN (IM) fired on it with a strong statement. „Ceasefire is everywhere,” she said. „There will be something absurd for the Government of Manipur to question or question the wisdom of the authority of the Government of the Union (India) in the coverage of ceasefires. Security analyst Ajai Sahni agreed.

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