Sap Agreement Type Table

Contract The contract is a decision of a contract that does not contain a delivery date for the material. The delivery plan is a long-term sales contract with the seller, in which a supplier is required to supply material on specified terms. information on the delivery date and quantity communicated to the supplier in the form of the delivery plan. Framework contracts are an important issue that we must constantly address in our data analytics for procurement. Unlike individual contracts, which are often ad hoc, framework contracts are constructions aimed at a longer-term business relationship. Now that we have discovered where framework agreements are held as data – in tables where „standard” commands are suspected – and how to identify them – by document type and document type – we now look at some aspects of the process. Note: There can of course be other types of documents, both by default and as part of customizing. For our blog post, this information is enough to explain the links. In many areas® SAP follows a concept of document category and document type. The class of record is a rough classification, the type of document is the finer differentiation of the class of record.

When analyzing an order scenario, the following four categories of documents may be of interest to you: – Packing groups (Tables T6B2, T6B2T, T6B2F) The RFQ, order, SA and contract have been recorded in the EKKO and EKPO tables. – The terms of the discount agreements (tables T685, T685A, T685T) You can clearly identify the category (K or L) and the type of associated document (LP, WK, MK). Our system includes a total of 154 contracts. – Assignment of valid SAP transactions to Belegarten (Tables T169, T169F). – Copy the billing note (TVCPF, BM1* and BM3* tables) please indicate the default table in which contract details and delivery plan details all data are stored. Its EKPO just give the agreement no and you will find the net price if the item. To refer to default commands, you can use z.B. the ME23N transaction; T-Code ME33K shows you contracts, and ME33L is the right thing to do for delivery plans. You can see that the category of supporting documents Mnemonik K and L is also present in part in the transactions. Therefore, if we add document types to our table below, it looks like this (this time I omitted the categories of documents and the types of documents that are not related to the contract: let`s start with examples of different types of framework agreements. In this regard, I will address the following: I hope that you have appreciated the entry into the issue of framework agreements and that we will soon meet for the second part ” Framework agreements – documentation on demand”.

The agreements laid the foundation for long-term structured procurement. But concretely, what is the individual purchase on the basis of an agreement? Here too, we talk about „call-offs”. .

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