Sdk Agreement

2. RESTRICTIONS. By accessing or using the SDK, you declare, guarantee and commit that (a) you are a person or entity involved in the development of software applications and (b) in the event of a business entity, you have the full power and authority to lead that entity under this Agreement. References to „you” refer to you and/or the entity on whose behalf you use the SDK and to all individual users of the SDK on behalf of that entity. You acknowledge that the previous license does not have the right to (i) sell, lease, license or modify part of the SDK or (ii) distribution, making available or other use of applications for public, production, commercial or other purposes, other than internal use for the evaluation and development of non-public experimental applications (any other public, production, commercial or similar use requires a separate agreement with TokBox) or (iii) the use or implementation of undocumented functions or APIs or the use of a documented function or API. You cannot reproduce, distribute, view publicly or run parts of the SDK, unless this is provided for in this version or in the corresponding open source license. unless, to the extent that such a restriction is not authorized or is not authorized by applicable legislation or licensing conditions for third-party software (defined below), they cannot decompile, redevelop or access the source code of the SDK or attempt not to be made available as a source code or attempt to modify the SDK; or (z) remove, conceal, scramble or circumvent any function of the SDK, including and without limitation of copyright or other references to intellectual property, security or access control mechanism. They should not use the SDK for any purpose other than to cooperate with the service in a way for which the SDK and service are expressly designed. If you are prohibited from using the SDK, you are not authorized to use it and you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations (including export control laws and regulations) relating to your use of the SDK. Without restricting the universality of the above, you declare and guarantee that the SDK is not shipped, transferred or exported to a country or is not used in any way, prohibited by the United States Export Administration Act or other export laws, restrictions or rules (together „export laws”).

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