Trademark Assignment Agreement Canada

Sometimes there is an error in an assignment (in the document that causes the change of ownership) and/or an error in the introduction of information into the registrations of the Patent Office. Some errors in order documents can be considered spelling errors that occurred during the mechanical process of writing or transcribation. Please note that submitted orders will continue to be made available to the public. Some parts of those documents may contain personal data which are not relevant for the registration of the task to be recorded and the Office accepts that applicants omit or conceal this information. A copy of the document that has not been transmitted, and either an affidavit or other evidence satisfactory to the Commissioner that the contract has been signed and performed, must be presented in accordance with § 49 and 50 of the Patent Act. All of the following supporting documents are considered satisfactory: in accordance with Articles 49 and 50 of the Patent Act, the Office registers an assignment, provided that the request for registration meets all the requirements of the procedure. However, the Office considers that an assignment may be registered without necessarily being recognised, i.e. without it being effective. Accordingly, the Office does not take effect on an assignment if it is satisfied that the assignment is not valid or if the assignor identified in the assignment does not correspond to the owner currently recognized by the Office. Therefore, in order to help the Office simplify and speed up the processing of contracts while respecting a high level of quality, the Office has developed new application forms for registration and strongly recommends their use. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) also registers other copyright documents, for example.

B a name change (if your company name changes) or a security agreement. The forms will be part of the protocol and will help to ensure that all necessary information has been transmitted to the Office. . . .

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