Accountability Agreement

Before providing funding for the provision of services to its local health system, the Local Health System System Integration Act of 2006 requires LHIN and HSP to enter into an agreement on accountability in the area of services. This step is for each person to take responsibility for the agreement and recognize their common commitment to the outcome of the transaction. This will be achieved through a liability agreement. It`s not a massive document, it`s just an agreement between the person who is held accountable and the person who holds them to account, you may have written this somewhere, or it could be an oral agreement, with a follow-up confirmation via email. You now have a good agreement on accountability. They have defined everything that is needed to achieve the company`s success. The time has come to begin monitoring and auditing to ensure that accountability is imposed. It`s a bit like expectations. The key difference is that expectations express the broad consensus you have with each other. In the „Commitments” section, you explicitly confront what you are going to do. In the interests of transparency, the Local Health System System Integration Act of 2006 requires health service providers (LHIN) to enter into an Inter-Professional Service Accountability Agreement (M-SAA) that outlines the responsibilities of the HSP as part of the funding agreement. Finally, and this step is often ignored, document the agreement.

We are not talking about a formal treaty here. Often all it takes is an email that summarizes the agreed protocol. Be sure to cover each of the above points and make sure you receive written confirmation from both parties that they accept the agreement. In this regard, you should be aware of the objectives of the agreement. Many people use it to define the steps that are taken to get a piece of work. Don`t fall into that trap. We now have our accountability agreement. Here we look at how we will measure the progress and final success of the agreement. The NHH signs funding agreements with the Central East East Health Integration Network that require the hospital to meet certain performance and performance goals. The key to the development of a successful agreement also lies in the signing by the NHH of two separate agreements. The Hospital Service Accountability Agreement handles primary acute care services as well as most post-acute specialized services. The Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement is exclusively responsible for the NHH Community Mental Health Program.

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